His eye is on the sparrow

I discovered the cutest little thing in our backyard garden this week.  Perched on the tiny branch of one of our bushes was a baby bird.  He was no bigger than a ping pong ball, had teeny tiny feathers and was completely adorable.  The only problem was that I didn’t think he was supposed to be there.  I couldn’t see any nest nearby, and he didn’t seem strong enough to fly very far.  I wondered how on earth he got there, and where he was trying to go.  He kept making efforts to fly, but only managed to move a few centimetres at a time.

As I observed this little creature I had to resist the overwhelming urge to scoop him up and try and find his nest.  Surely my intervention was needed here, and yet I recalled hearing accounts of baby animals being rejected by their parents when they’ve picked up the scent of well-meaning humans.  This tiny bird had made his way to the bush, surely he would be able to return to where he needed to be.

I then decided I wouldn’t help, but merely observe and it was then that a larger, but similar looking bird made an appearance.  It swooped past the bush onto our fence, and then up to a nearby tree, back to the bush and other locations in our backyard.  By this stage I had called other members of the family out to observe this bundle of fluff and it was our deduction that this was our baby bird’s mum who was keeping an eye on her fledgling and making sure we were not going to harm her little one.  We were no danger to the bird, but neither of them were to know that.  Reluctantly we left them, hoping that they would be able to find their way home, but feeling this was the best idea rather than cause more anxiety.

Later that day there was no sign of the birds, so I can only assume that they were successful in getting back to their nest.  While I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to observe them any longer I was pleased that they were back to safety.  I took some time to consider how much I seemed to care for this tiny life and how this could speak to me about God.  My mind was naturally drawn to the verses in Matthew chapter 29 where Jesus teaches that not one tiny sparrow falls to the ground without the knowledge of our Father God, and that we are worth more to him than a sparrow, so imagine how much more care He has for us, his children.

I love how an encounter that lasted 15 minutes in my own backyard can bring to my memory a spiritual truth I can hold onto in times when I feel less than significant in this world.  I am grateful for this reminder and hope that it brings some encouragement to you too.

Be blessed.

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