The Lego Movie 2

We love most things Lego in our house. It is a toy franchise that we respect and have multiple sets of, so it stands to reason that we also watch Lego branded movies. The latest of these, The Lego Movie 2, has just been released and we had the opportunity to view it last week. This post is not a review of said movie, but an observation about a significant mind shift that became evident in this sequel.

Most people would be aware that the first Lego Movie had a famous, somewhat annoying theme song entitled ‘Everything is awesome’ which espoused that all things in life mirrored the main character’s outlook. Where others saw obstacles or difficulties or issues, Emmet saw potential and possibility and promise.

Now, here is a spoiler alert … towards the end of The Lego Movie 2 there is an especially climactic moment when things are looking pretty bleak and the characters break into a new version of this song, entitled “Everything’s not awesome”. This whole musical moment is laugh-out-loud hilarious and it draws together a number of key elements of the storyline so far, as well as describing the lack of hope or obvious solutions.

Some of the lyrics draw attention to the fact that things can’t be awesome all of the time, but that doesn’t mean it is therefore hopeless and bleak. It points to the fact that we should still try and make things ‘not too bad’ if it can’t be awesome, and that is possible when we work together and focus on what we can do, rather than on what we can’t.

It even refers to the fact that it is an unrealistic expectation for things to be ‘awesome’ all of the time, and not an entirely healthy outlook to have. It was a great reality check and both a funny and honest moment in this cinematic experience.

Life often throws us curve balls – when we think things are going to work out one way, and then all of a sudden it changes. Our view of our ‘awesome’ life is altered, and it is super easy to throw out the baby with the bath water and decide that if something is less than awesome, then it’s not worth anything. Sickness, loss, betrayal, pain, disappointment, defeat are some of the things that are a part of life and impacts our ‘awesome’.

The answer is not to pretend everything is okay and soldier on, nor is it to give up altogether. The answer is to rely on others to help you through, to change your view and look for what is positive in the midst of it all. This is pretty tricky, but not impossible, and the verse that has been resonating with me since we saw the movie is from Mark chapter 10 verse 27 where Jesus tells us that “all things are possible with God.” He can make things that are not awesome, into okay when we work in partnership with Him.

Be blessed

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