Initial Edinburgh impressions

So I am sitting on the balcony of our 2 bedroom apartment that is our home for the few days we are here. It’s 7.30am and the city is starting to wake.

From the minute we landed in Edinburgh I have felt remarkably ‘at home’. Having lived in Melbourne for a fair chunk of my life this place is eerily familiar, despite me never being here before.

I love the mix of very old, very new and in-between of the buildings. It speaks of a long history that hasn’t hindered progress. I am captivated by the rows of chimney pots on residential roofs. For some reason they make me smile. I loved it when the bookshop staff asked if I’d like a ‘wee bag’ for my purchase in that lovely Scottish accent of hers.

It is drawing to the end of the Edinburgh Festival season and so there are obvious tourists (like us) everywhere. I would love to see this city without the swelled foreign population, when the residents can return to their usual rhythms.

The weather is beautifully mild. We were caught in a momentary heavy downpour yesterday and agreed to share our undercover respite with a local who asked so politely if he could join us!

This city is gloriously green, which contrasts beautifully with the brown/grey of the historic structures and monuments. Lots of trees and bushes and ivy and gardens. I look forward to our exploring adventures of the next few days.

I feel so blessed to be here.

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