Taking a breath in Edinburgh

One of the things I have really been captivated by in Edinburgh is the prolific green garden spaces around the place. Everyday we have walked through Princes Street Gardens and it would be my favourite of all the green spaces I have seen here.

There are rows and rows of wooden garden benches that have been donated for public use by a vast variety of people. Some are to honour loved family members, or famous celebrities, and each has it’s own special plaque recording this for all posterity.

I love the fact that in the heart of this bustling city there are multiple opportunities for people to sit and take a breath. Often, people can be seen reading, or eating their lunch, or chatting with a friend (either present or far away), or cuddling with a loved one.

Not only are there benches, but there are also deck chairs provided on the vast green lawns for people to recline and enjoy the mild weather. I saw people snoozing, sunbaking and relaxing. What a wonderful practice. To offer respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life so that batteries can be recharged, ready to face whatever else the day may hold.

I totally believe that we all need a Princes Street garden in our lives. That place that sets our feet back on an even keel so that we are better able to navigate life effectively. It may not be a green space or a garden, it might be a river or a mountaintop or a chapel or a cafĂ© or a friend’s house.

Whatever and wherever it is, make sure you take the time to replenish, recharge and refresh yourself on a regular basis. It could be for 5 minutes or 50, no matter how long you can spare will inevitably help to bring balance and allow you take the deepest kind of breath in your day.

Be blessed.

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