Choosing to Worship

So last weekend was scheduled to be the international release of Rend Collective’s latest album, but we were surprised and delighted to see that they decided to bring forward the release a few days.  This was primarily because they felt their title song “I choose to worship” was never more relevant than during this current season.  It is a song that highlights the need we each have to choose to bow the knee to God no matter what our circumstances are, but especially during conflict and turmoil.

The lines of the chorus say: “When the enemy says I’m done, I’ll lift my praises.  When my world comes crashing down I’ll lift my praises high.  ’Till the darkness turns to dawn, I’ll lift my praises.  I choose to worship.  I choose you now.”

If ever there was a time when it felt like our world is crashing down around us it’s now, but we realise that there may be some difficulty in understanding what worship looks like in this time of ‘social distancing’ and cancellations.  For too long we have associated the word ‘worship’ with the act of singing in a church service, when that action is only a small portion of what it means to worship.  It actually means having great love and adoration for something, and in our case that is God, and wholeheartedly wanting to follow His direction.

It is understandable, though, for us to feel anxious about how we might be able to choose to worship when for so long it has been associated with a certain place at a set time on a Sunday when we gathered with those of like mind.  How can we worship in isolation?  What does that even look like?  Answer:  It can look like anything you like, as long as the direction of your great love and adoration is our Almighty Father God, His son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

You can spend some time in the garden admiring His awesome creative power.  You can light a candle and watch the flame dance as you consider the cloud of fire that led the Israelites or the tongues of fire that descended at the coming of the Holy Spirit.  You can listen to some Christian music and sing and/or dance like King David used to as he worshipped God.  You can read some of God’s word and seek encouragement from heroes of the faith or learn more about Jesus’ walk on earth.  You can call someone and pray together and share ways you have worshiped.  The options are only limited by your imagination and the isolating restrictions we currently have in place.

Do not let Satan’s delight at places of worship in our communities being closed mean that your worship ceases altogether.  We, as the ministry team here, will try to provide you with as many resources we can lay our hands on to help you, but ultimately all you need to choose to worship is a willing heart.  It is up to you.

Be blessed.


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