Created to create

I have had a pretty tough week. Well, to be honest, it’s been a difficult few weeks for a wide variety of reasons. I have been battling to keep a positive outlook despite sensing the dark clouds of negativity and depression lurking closer than I would prefer. There are a number of strategies that I employ to try and keep a good mindset. One of them is going for a run (well, slow jog to be more accurate) as it feels like it blows the cobwebs away.

The thing I have found the most restorative over this weekend is taking the opportunity to be creative, and I don’t just mean working on a craft project, although that has been a feature. I have been able to identify that there are many opportunities to create in your everyday. I have asked myself what does it mean to create? To generate, produce, design, make, fabricate, fashion, manufacture, build, construct, erect, bring in to being are all synonyms for that word. It can cover so many things that we include in our lives and it is heartening to realise that we create without even trying.

I have spent time working on my cross-stitch and some paper craft projects. Today I created the most beautiful set of angel wings out of card. They are mounted in a shadow box, also made of card and gifted to my daughter. Before that, however, I created our usual Sunday dark chocolate pancakes for breakfast and then a beautiful roast pork belly with crispy crackling, roast vegetables and gravy for dinner. Last night I created lasagna from scratch which is a family comfortable favourite.

We went out for a coffee today and I helped create memories with my son as we threw a frisbee in the park. Yesterday, my husband and I went for a 5km run which created opportunities for me to be out along our amazing riverfront and smile and greet other people who are choosing this same moment to be recreational in our fabulous outdoors.

Our church’s short worship video included some teaching time from me and created the space for people to engage with scripture and to have an opportunity to reflect on how an Old Testament prophet’s experience has some relevance for us today.

In the first few weeks of owning my beloved Scan N Cut machine I created a slogan and put it on the cover to remind me of an important truth. It says, “Created to Create”. By that I mean that there is purpose to my existence. I believe I have been created by a divine being and He has wired me in ways that mean I can create also. When I am living my life knowing that this slogan has been embraced by me it feels like my purpose for life is clearer.

This is amplified when I reflect upon Psalm 139 and especially verse 14 which reminds me that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”. This whole biblical song highlights how much care our Creator God has for each of us and thinks we are a creation worth being proud of.

As I continue to wrestle with my state of mind I know that I will get through this, especially as I hold on to who I am, and what is more, who made me to be who I am.

I believe I am blessed. May you be so too.

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