Crocheted Ripple Blanket x3

In 2016 I re-taught myself how to crochet. I say re-taught as I had made a rudimentary blanket in my childhood, but the skills and techniques had long since disappeared from my memory. I watched some YouTube videos and created a granny square blanket to donate for a blanket drive for the homeless.

In 2017 I fell in love with the Carron Cake balls of wool that create their own striped pattern and sought a fun pattern to make a different type of blanket. I decided that my eldest son could be the recipient.

Caleb’s Blanket

As I was making it, my youngest son kept sitting with me and putting his fingers in the holes and declaring it was a good ‘fidget blanket’. And so, once Caleb’s blanket was finished Joshua chose a colour-way and so I embarked on a 2nd creation.

Joshua’s Blanket

When you have 3 children, you can’t make 2 of them blankets and not the 3rd, so it was Hannah’s turn to choose.

Hannah’s Blanket

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