Noticing the detail

Do you recognise what this photograph is taken of? It is a tiny part of a detail from a world famous landmark.

My husband took this photo and despite being there too, I was so captivated by being at this place I didn’t see this intricate work until he showed me this image. I can only imagine the hours of work it took to include this element in part of the broader construction.

There are many things in this world, both man-made and part of natural creation, that are amazing when you take the time to see. There are patterns in the bricks that make up buildings and often detail that goes unnoticed beneath your feet as you walk on the pavement.

Have you ever noticed the veins on a leaf? Or the delicate construction of a feather? What about the way that broccoli is formed?

Have you turned your hand over and marvelled at the lines that criss-cross your palm and then the individual characteristics of your fingerprints? Breathtaking, intricate detail right there when you take the time to notice.

Noticing the detail is some that needs to be done in balance with looking up to capture the bigger picture.  It is beneficial to take in the image as a whole, but can be equally advantageous to wonder at the finer, smaller elements that contribute to the finished product.

There are times in life when I am responsible for the big things, and many others times when I am a part of the smaller things that contribute to the larger effect.  As I am reminded of the amazing beauty of these teeny tiny parts I am encouraged to ensure that whatever part I am playing I need to give it everything I have. 

In the Bible there is some discussion of people being like different body parts, all needing to work together to have an effective, functioning outcome.

The Message translation says, “I want you to think about how all this makes you more significant, not less. A body isn’t just a single part blown up into something huge. It’s all the different-but-similar parts arranged and functioning together.” 1 Corinthians 12:14

Remember this the next time you are part of the smaller detail that makes up the bigger picture.

And if you guess that the photo is from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then give yourself a pat on the back and have a croissant for being so very clever!

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