My ‘home’ Parkrun

Those of you have followed my writing ramblings for a time will know by now how much I love Parkrun and the benefits it brings – top of the list being the benefit to my mental and physical health as well as my sense of community. One of the challenges I have faced after leaving the beautiful community of Mildura and the Parkrun we were a strong part of there has been finding a new Parkrun ‘home’.

Running along the river at Mildura Weir Parkrun (VIC)

Heading to a new city, where we have multiple Parkruns in relatively accessible distance to us has caused me some discomfort. I was so familiar with a lot of the participants and every rise and turn of the Mildura Weir Parkrun course that any other Parkrun I try is held up in comparison to that one.

The Parkrun geographically closest to us was the one we tried first. It has some monster hills in the first 1500m and isn’t overly clearly marked. Jubilee Way is a simple out and back course made more complicated by having the turnaround point within sight of the finish line but those hills were a killer, so I have only been there once.

Another local course has less large hills, but is certainly more undulating. That means it has more overall elevation than the one with only a couple (albeit significant in size) hills. At Carisbrooke you also need to walk from the briefing space down the hill and along the path to the start/finish line to begin. While this doesn’t sound like much, it means that you need to walk up that hill once you have finished your 5km to get your token scanned. Having said that, I thought the scenery as you run alongside cliff faces was lovely. My husband is not a fan and so we have only been there once also.

The third Parkrun we tried is the one we have spent the most runs at since arriving in Adelaide. It is a relatively flat course around a lake but the path at the starting 1km is narrow with some right angled turns along the way. This becomes problematic when they often have over 200 people at an event and it is also a popular ‘morning walk with the pram/dog’ location. I am continually surprised that someone, somewhere hasn’t ended up in the lake!

Crowded start at Mawson Lakes Parkrun (SA).

On our first visit to Mawson Lakes I was so focussed on the hard right turn in the press of people vying for positions I didn’t see the bump in the path and managed to trip and fall, breaking my glasses, a bone in my hand and my pride. It was a miracle I didn’t get trampled on by all those coming along behind. Despite this incident, we return each week to continue being a part of this new (to us) Parkrun community.

One thing I have been surprised by is that I haven’t been able to officially change my listed home Parkrun status from Mildura Weir. I know that if ever I return there I would be greeted by name and with enthusiasm. I am coming to the point where half of my total Parkruns have been at Mawson Lakes and I am wondering if the time is coming to change my ‘home’.

One of the boardwalks at Mawson Lakes Parkrun (SA).

There is no obligation for me to change it, but I find it interesting that I am reticent to do so. I am mindful of the saying, “Home is where the heart is” and I guess for now, when it comes to Parkrun, my heart is still at Mildura Weir.

Of course all of this causes me to think about my eternal home. I am so grateful to know that when my time on this earth is over, I believe that I have a home prepared for me. Jesus himself said so. Check out John chapter 14 and verse two.

So whatever I choose to do about my listed Parkrun ‘home’, know that my heart very much has ‘Heaven’ recorded as my true home. Make sure yours is too.

Be blessed.

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