Further Instructions

Today we are driving from Newcastle to York and finding the ‘in-car navigation system’ quite helpful. Our hire car has been speaking to us with a soothing female voice and giving plenty of notice when and where we need to turn and marrying that with visual cues on the screen.

We have all just had quite a giggle as she has just said to us, “Stay on the road until further notice.” Bahahaha!!

David’s response was, “Right, she’s done.” While I decided that she’s gone to have a cup of tea to kill time until she’s next needed in 105kms. Joshua laughed that she would be programmed to say anything like that, and Hannah’s comment was, “What else are we going to do? Oh, I know, let’s just drive off the bridge!”

While it’s brought a lighthearted moment to our 2 hour drive I’ve been contemplating about us following instructions in life, particularly in relation to listening to God. How often do we need to remember to stay on the road until further notice?

We can get a bit agitated when we don’t hear from God almost as if he needs to constantly be telling us that we are going the right way. In actual fact, if our in-car navigator told us every 3 minutes to stay on the road we are currently on we would be more likely to switch her off or ignore her.

Perhaps, if we are able to relax more in the understanding that God will tell us when we stray from the road and start driving off the bridge then we can focus more on living life well. Just a thought.

Be blessed.

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