The Importance of Bridges

We have stopped for a few nights at Newcastle upon Tyne and the thing I have noticed here is their apparent love of bridges. In a very short stretch along this river there are multiple bridges that have a variety of users but similar destinations. Where I have chosen to sit for a minute there is 1 modern pedestrian bridge behind me …

… and 6 in front of me!

I wonder why is there so many? Why was there a need to build yet another bridge? They are all lovely in their architecture, and are built many years apart, and so does this then mean that what was previously constructed was not fit for purpose in later years? Maybe it wasn’t in quite the right spot to allow best access for traffic flow, or maybe it wasn’t able to handle the specifications of the development in vehicle engineering. I guess when you build a new bridge you have a choice to make about the suitability of the previous one and whether to leave it standing or not.

None of these thoughts about bridges are incredibly in depth, they just piqued my curiosity as I take a moment by this particular river on this particularly beautiful day to enjoy the blessings of being in a different location. I guess the most important thing about bridges is that they keep us moving forward, whichever one we choose to take to cross the situation we face. I hope you’re able to make a great choice today.

Oh, and does anyone else notice the similarity between this particular bridge and one ‘back home’?

Have a blessed day.

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