Bouncy People – Part 1

On our first full day in Edinburgh we were walking to Edinburgh Castle when Hannah and I encountered someone who will forevermore be referred to as Bouncy Red-Haired Girl.

We heard her coming before we saw her as she walked up behind us. There were these rhythmic, clicking footsteps that first drew our attention to her approach. She was walking at a faster pace so we knew she would overtake us and we could see who was making this interesting sound.

A tall, broad-shouldered young lady with long, curly red hair strode past us and we were captivated by her demeanor. It was like she had springs in her legs because she literally bounced as she walked. Her head was held high and she moved with grace and purpose. So much was her impact that Hannah and I looked upon her with admiration.

She oozed confidence and had a presence about her that was infatuating. None of this was about her facial appearance because we never saw it. It was just the way she was moving through life that struck us so dramatically.

We had a conversation together about how she spoke to us of strength, determination and confidence. We felt that she wouldn’t be intimidated or concerned about the opinions of her from others.

Hannah and I that day vowed that we want to move through life more like Bouncy Red-Haired Girl. We have challenged each other that if ever we catch the other one becoming a little overwhelmed by the expectations of others we will just say, “Bouncy Red-Haired Girl” to jolt us back to the reality of the type of person we want to be. We kind of feel that’s who God created us to be, so this visual memory will help us try to be more like that.

Now, I might go and practice my Bouncy walk!

Have a blessed day.

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