Bouncy People – Part 2

I had a second encounter with a bouncy person, again in Edinburgh, and in the most unlikely location.

We were privileged to be able to attend one of the evening performances of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo at the Castle. This is my husband’s thing, with all the pomp and ceremony, but there are usually elements that I can enjoy, although I am not a huge fan of bagpipes. I can tolerate them in small doses, but I’m undoubtedly looking for other things to interest me when the massed pipe bands are on.

How delighted was I to observe one of the pipe band’s bass drummers who was standing in the middle of the display, right in front of the Drum Major. He was bouncing up and down in time to the music, and his bounces were more enthusiastic than any bass drummer I have ever seen. He was hilarious to watch and I was super impressed.

In this very formal setting, where everything is governed by regulations and appropriate procedures, was a man expressing his musical contribution by bouncing along in time to the music. The faster the music, the quicker the bounce and I found it adorable.

He seemed to have such joy in his movement, and it didn’t matter one bit that he was in front of a couple of thousand people. It wasn’t put on for show, it seemed like he couldn’t stop bouncing even if he tried. He was free and expressive and unlimited. Again, I want to be like him.

How awesome to be so uninhibited to enjoy the moment and caught up in the energy around you, no matter who might be watching. That’s confidence in your own identity and something I’d love to emulate in my own life.

Here’s to being a bouncy person, no matter what my kids might think!!

Be blessed.

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