Visiting Liverpool

You would be ignorant indeed if you were in Liverpool and didn’t understand that this is the hometown of The Beatles. The Fab Four were formed here and their fame and notoriety looms large in this town – quite literally, I discovered, as we took a family photo standing in front of their statues by the dock. How tall they are made to appear gives a good indication of how proud the townsfolk are of this rock band that changed the world.

As is necessary, we completed the Beatles Story which is an informative Museum of their rise to fame, warts and all. It was well set out and explained on the free audio guides. I liked the fact that we could each wander through at our own pace, engaging deeper in those things that interested us, while skimming over those things that didn’t.

I learned a number of facts that day, and remembered things I’d learned before. I was, however, stunned to realize that they were a band for a period of only 8 years!

It was also interesting trying to introduce Hannah (18) and Joshua (11) to this legendary group. Prior to this visit they had not much understanding of what the hype was all about with the Beatles. They listened to the songs we’d often have playing in the car, but could not see what the big deal was. To watch their knowledge grow of this super group was informative.

Joshua really engaged with the narrative of their time – how they met, their childhoods, the disappointments and joys. Hannah was amazed at how many songs had been covered by artists she knew or used on shows she watched.

I am reminded of the fact that we all absorb information in different ways and relate to the things that speak loudest to us. I have then been wondering about what that means for the church and the disciples of Jesus.

I believe we need to make sure we tell and show many aspects of the God story in a wide variety of ways to make sure that people who aren’t yet aware of it have the opportunity to appreciate what we know to be true. And that is that God made us, He loves us and He wants to be in relationship with us now and for all time.

This wasn’t the revelation I thought I would come away with from exploring Liverpool and its sites, but I’m pleased for the reminder.

Be blessed.

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